Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be asked to do?
Being part of the Reo Ora - Health Voice community will mean you will receive occasional email invitations to take part in our surveys and discussions. Each email will contain a link that, when clicked, opens a survey or discussion.


Do I need to have had something to do with the Auckland District Health Board to join?
No, we're after a wide range of people so regardless of the health services you have used; we are still keen to hear your opinion.


Will the health care or hospital staff see my details or comments?
No. Clinical staff will not see your details. Our staff will use summaries of comments to help us in planning and in improving services. If we use verbatim (word for word) comments, individuals will not be named.


If I need to contact health care or hospital staff about something can I do it here?
You can follow the link on the Contact Us page for ADHB services. The main phone number for Auckland District Health Board is (09) 367 0000.


If I update my details here do I still need to tell the health care or hospital staff?
Yes. This website is separate from the hospital and your other health care providers such as your GP or dental nurse. You will also need to tell them if your address or other contact details change. To notify the hospital of changes, please phone (09) 638 0400.


Who will see my responses?
We take your privacy very seriously. The Reo Ora Health Voice team and the project team working on the survey will see your responses but not your personal details.

In discussions members must be logged in and invited to take part to be able to view the discussion. Summaries of responses will be seen by a range of people. Read our Privacy Statement for more information.


Does it cost me anything to join?
No, it doesn't cost anything to join.


How do I join?
To join the community, all you have to do is complete a few questions about yourself. This will take less than 5 minutes.


Can I have more than one membership?
No. You can only have one membership.


How much time will this take?

Surveys range in length from very short, say 5-10 questions, to an occasional longer one, say up to 25 minutes. The majority of surveys will take 10 minutes. We'll let you know the length of each survey in the emails we send out so you can decide whether you have time to take part. If you are too busy, just delete our email.


Do I need to be living in Auckland to join?
No, we want to hear from people all over the country, regardless of where you live.


How long do I have to complete a survey?

This will differ from survey to survey. Sometimes we need really fast feedback and we may only leave the survey open for a few hours (this won't happen very often). Other times we may leave a survey open for up to a week. In general, the best thing is to do them as soon as you receive the email and then you can be confident they won't be closed when you are ready to start.


What happens if I get interrupted half way through a survey?
You simply click on the original link you were sent, and this will take you to where you got to before being interrupted.


Why do you ask personal questions about my family and me when I join?
These details help us send you survey invitations that are relevant to you. Remember, all the information is secure and confidential. You can read more about this in our Privacy Statement.

How do I update or change my personal information, including my email address?
You may update or modify your registration information by logging in to and selecting 'Update Profile'.


What do I do if I have changed my Email address?
If you have changed your email address, log in and go to the Update Profile page in your membership area to update it.


What do I do if I haven't received a survey invitation for a while?

The first thing to do is to check your 'Junk' folder to make sure our emails aren't being treated as spam. If you find an email from us in your Junk folder, mark our email address as a 'safe sender'. If this hasn't occurred, log in and check that your email address is correct. If both these things are fine, this means that you simply haven't been drawn as a respondent lately.


I'm taking a survey and am caught in a loop OR the survey site is really slow; it is taking a long time for pages to load. Is there a problem?
Both slow survey response time and survey loops are usually due to the speed of Internet connections rather than a problem with the survey itself. Slow page loads may also be due to graphics which take longer to load especially if you are using a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet.


You invited me to complete a survey, but clicking on the link in the invitation email did not work. How can I access the survey?
If you are having problems with the link in the invitation email, you can select the email link which is found in the email, then copy it and paste it into the Address field of a new browser window and press the Enter key.


I have had some problems with my provider's server 'timing out' before I could complete a survey. Any suggestions?
When it comes to local server issues, we recommend contacting your local service provider. Many factors could contribute to the problem including problems with telephone lines, connection problems with servers, etc and the local service provider will be best positioned to address the problems.


Can I unsubscribe?
Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. Every link we send you will have this option in it.




Results and Reports
Results and Reports

Waitemata & Auckland District Health Board’s Disability Strategy Implementation Plan 2016-2026

We are developing a joint plan for the Implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026. We would really like input from the disability sector and disability community.

Please follow this link to our on-line survey. We ask you about the five key outcome areas that align with the work of District Health Boards.

We are also holding two community meetings for people who prefer to communicate their thoughts and ideas face-to-face or would like to add more to their survey responses.

Please visit the What's On section of the site for more information on the meetings.