Northern Cancer Network


In late 2012, our Reo Ora Health Voice panel members were invited to participate in a seminar for the Northern Cancer Network.   This seminar was held in early December and was well attended.  Participants included consumers, family/whanau members and Northern Cancer Network representatives.


The aim of this half day Cancer Consumer Awareness & Overview orientation seminar was to provide information about the roles, relationships, responsibilities and expectations of what it means to be a consumer representative in cancer. It was hoped that with more information about these roles attendees could make an informed decision as to whether or not acting as a consumer advocate was something they would be interested in pursuing.


Key presenters were Dr Chris Walsh and Sue Ellis who have many years working in health and education. They have both had a cancer diagnosis and are experienced cancer consumer representatives.


The feedback from the day was used to inform a national training programme for consumer representatives and plans are underway to deliver training in at least one region in the next year.


From the workshop evaluation feedback participants told us that they thought the sessions were informative and provided a strong platform to enable consideration of how consumers’ personal experiences could positively influence the development of the cancer care pathway processes.