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This website is for Auckland District Health Board to collect feedback and information through survey and discussion forums about how services are and could be provided and about proposed improvements and plans.


This will mainly be for Auckland District Health Board purposes but you may also be asked to participate in surveys or discussions on behalf of related organisations such as other District Health Boards or the Ministry of Health. We welcome your feedback and comments but you do not have to participate in any survey or forum if you do not want to.

This survey and discussion community is entirely separate from Auckland District Health Board clinical information and records. If you need to update or change information held by Auckland District Health Board for clinical purposes or for us to contact you about your clinical care; please call the Auckland District Health Board Contact Centre on (09) 6380400.


Auckland District Health Board contracts Buzz Channel Limited ("Buzz Channel") and Point Research Limited ("Point Research") to undertake these surveys for us.


These terms of membership should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Statement.


By joining the Reo Ora - Health Voice Community and participating in the Auckland District Health Board surveys and discussion forums you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions on this website.


Your obligations and responsibilities:

  • To provide accurate and current personal information. You agree to update your personal information when necessary and to ensure that it is current at all times;
  • Only complete surveys that are sent to you and that are in your own name;
  • Only have one membership;
  • Do not forward survey links you receive to any third party unless invited to do so by us at the time the link is sent to you;
  • Only complete a survey once;
  • Answer all surveys honestly and correctly;
  • Keep the survey and your survey responses confidential;
  • Keep results and reports confidential if they are shared with you in your membership area, but are not published to the public area of the site.

You acknowledge and accept that:

  • Auckland District Health Board reserves the rights to suspend or end your membership of the Reo Ora - Health Voice Community without warning at any time and for any reason.
  • Auckland District Health Board, and Buzz Channel on behalf of Auckland District Health Board, collects and holds the personal information provided with registration to the Reo Ora - Health Voice Community, as well as any survey and discussion responses you give. The responses you give in any survey or discussion may be used to invite you to participate in further Reo Ora - Health Voice Community activities or consultation or research activities undertaken by Auckland District Health Board. You can choose whether or not to answer these.
  • Under the Privacy Act 1993, all individuals have rights to access and correct their personal information held by Auckland District Health Board and Buzz Channel.


You expressly understand and agree that Auckland District Health Board does not guarantee:

  • The accuracy of any advice or information given or made available to you by third parties (e.g. other community members), as part of your membership of the Reo Ora - Health Voice Community.
  • Your ability to access Reo Ora - Health Voice Community surveys and online discussions, or to access the Reo Ora - Health Voice website and content on this site.
  • Auckland District Health Board or Buzz Channel / Point Research are not liable for any costs, expenses, loss or liability incurred by you in connection with your membership of the Reo Ora - Health Voice Community, including the surveys, this service (or the unavailability of this service). You indemnify Auckland District Health Board and Buzz Channel / Point Research against any claims, damages or costs arising out of any breach of these terms
Results and Reports
Results and Reports

Waitemata & Auckland District Health Board’s Disability Strategy Implementation Plan 2016-2026

We are developing a joint plan for the Implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026. We would really like input from the disability sector and disability community.

Please follow this link to our on-line survey. We ask you about the five key outcome areas that align with the work of District Health Boards.

We are also holding two community meetings for people who prefer to communicate their thoughts and ideas face-to-face or would like to add more to their survey responses.

Please visit the What's On section of the site for more information on the meetings.